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Oddval Font Family: Modern geometric sans serif with 36 fonts.

Styles: Includes Oddval (display-focused) and Oddval Text (readability-focused), each with 18 weights.

Key Features: Large ink traps, oval shapes, high x-height, minimal stroke contrast.

Design Goal: Mix unique design with functionality for versatility in design projects.

Compatibility: Both subfamilies share design features for easy combination.

Variety: 9 weights, upright/italic/optical variants, two variable fonts.

Language & Features: Supports 220+ languages, includes ligatures and stylistic sets.

Use Cases: Suitable for both print and web, versatile for various project types.

Overall: Oddval offers a balance of distinctive style and practical use.

Two font families:
Oddval and
Oddval Text
Two font families:
Oddval and
Oddval Text

Oddval Text:

Released as a more refined variant, it is tailored for readability and functionality, making it suitable for longer text passages. While it retains the essential characteristics of the primary version, its design modifications make it subtler for better legibility in text-heavy contexts.


This version emphasizes display use with its distinctive features like large ink traps, oval shapes, high x-height, and minimal stroke contrast. It is designed to be eye-catching and distinctive, optimized for headlines or any application where the font needs to stand out.


The Oddval font family is a flexible and versatile system, ideal for designers looking to combine functionality with distinctive design features. It is a "workhorse" capable of elevating projects with its unique characteristics.

Technical Specifications:

The Oddval font family is designed for global use, supporting over 220 languages (including Extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek scripts) and equipped with a wide array of typographic features like ligatures, stylistic sets, and contextual alternates. These specifications make it a comprehensive tool for complex typographic tasks.

Font Family Composition:

The font family offers a wide range of weights and styles, including upright, italic, and optical variants, all compactly divided into two variable fonts. This diverse range supports expressive typography and design flexibility.

Usage and Application:

The font family's versatility makes it suitable for large projects where different subfamilies can be used for various purposes, ensuring consistency in character and feel. Its modern appearance fits well in both print and web applications.



The primary difference between the two subfamilies lies in their intended use and design emphasis. Oddval is more eccentric and distinctive, with design features maximized for display purposes. In contrast, Oddval Text is fine-tuned for readability, making it ideal for body text.

Distinct Features:


A consistent "DNA" is maintained across both subfamilies, with features like high x-height and minimal stroke contrast ink traps having the same construction logic. This consistency allows for seamless combination and use of the fonts together.

Design Approach:


The design philosophy behind the Oddval font family is to blend characteristic elements with functionality, addressing complex design needs. This is achieved by creating a large family where each subfamily fulfills a specific role, ensuring versatility and adaptability in various design scenarios.

Nature and Composition:

The Oddval font family is a modern, geometric sans serif typeface. It consists of 36 fonts, which are divided into two subfamilies named Oddval and Oddval Text, each with 18 weights. This division enhances the font family's versatility for different types of usage, from display purposes to functional text.

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